I can't thank Lyn and Waltman enough for our new wonderful kitten Mijo. Like many people who find Lyn and Waltman, I had lost a dear cat to HCM. My cat who passed away was a therapy animal, so this loss was extra painful for me and my family. I made a public post on social media about my skepticism in regards to buying another sphynx, that Lyn and Waltman commented on, and she began offering me consulting. She helped me learn more deeply about the sphynx breed, what can be done to help mitigate HCM in cats, and offered new insights into the training of emotional support animals. She spent many hours writing and educating me, as well as lending a sympathetic ear even before I applied to adopt from her. She went above and beyond to help me not only as a breeder, but as a nurturing mentor who took on the responsibility of helping me navigate bringing an important new member home to my family.

I am generally a very skeptical person, but I have no doubt that Lyn and Waltman Sphynx is one of very few places in the world you can rest assured a sphynx breeder is doing absolutely everything within their power to give their clients healthy, deeply loved and cared for animals. Sphynx cats are very special, and you owe it to the cat and to your family to work with someone on the level that Lyn and Waltman does.

Once you begin your adoption process you will realize that her fees are an absolute gift. Between the hours she spends mentoring her new cat moms and dads, the hours day in and day out she puts in nurturing these wonderful animals, and all of the testing done regularly and top level medical care her animals receive, I can't imagine wanting to adopt from anyone else.

After spending less than a week with my bright new beautiful boy I have no doubt that her elite level work with sphynx cats will have an impact on me for the rest of my life. I can not recommend her and Lyn and Waltman . Sphynx enough.

-Carol J. Wilson
Alicia Award Winning TV Producer

Carol J. Wilson

"Last October, we lost our beloved sphynx named Bob to HCM. To say that we were shocked and devastated would be an understatement. For a while, we were unsure if we had room in our hearts for another kitty, but it didn't take long for our family to realize that our lives were incomplete without a sphynx in it. This time, we spent several months researching and reaching out to breeders with many questions about their breeding practice and their cats health. Lyn and Waltman of Sphynx Cattery immediately impressed us with her responsiveness and transparency. Her knowledge is amazing and it was evident from the beginning how passionate she is about her cats and her breeding program. Her cats are gorgeous and the fact that she regularly scans them for HCM sealed the deal for us. Lyn and Waltman invited us to come visit her and the kitties in her home and we were blown away by the cleanliness of the environment and how well cared for everyone was. She is meticulous in every way, and we could feel the love that she pours into every cat there. We were blessed to bring home our handsome cream point boy named Lashay . He came to us incredibly healthy, happy and very well adjusted. Lashay is fabulous with our young children! We are beyond happy with our experience and are already talking about adding another Lyn and Waltman Sphynx to our family! Thank you Lyn!"

Lashay and Murray

The Mitchelson Family (Lincoln, Ca)

Hi Lyn,
I wanted to write to you to let you know how wonderful my experience has been pre and post purchase with your cattery. I chose to work with you and Lyn and Waltman Sphynx Cattery based on several criteria. Those are: ·
You are the only breeder I know that actively scans all breeding cats every 6 months to ensure they are heart healthy. ·
You take the time to answer all questions in detail about available kittens, your breeding program, health, etc., no matter how crazy they may be. ·
You selflessly give your time to those that you do not even know in order to help educate potential future owners, not expecting anything in return. ·
You work tirelessly with every single kitten to ensure they are well socialized before being placed in their forever home, even going so far as to pair kittens whose temperaments will be best suited for those with special needs ·
Above all else, you truly have a love and passion for the breed and are not in it for monetary gain.
In summary, the fact you are so involved with your kitties (breeding, birth, health, etc.) meant a lot to me and I knew In the end that I’d receive a kitten that is well socialized and healthy. I also knew you’d be there for me should anything go wrong. I have two beautiful girls and could not be more happy with them. I look forward to sharing many years and memories with them, keeping you in the loop as well, of course.

Richard , Dona and Laurie

I had been wanting a Sphynx for nearly 15 years. That dream has become a reality thanks to Lyn Burris. Last year when I began searching for a breeder, she stood out head and shoulders above the rest. She was honest, transparent, and open. I was especially impressed by how she took the time to answer my dozens (more like hundreds!) Of questions. She always had time to educate me about the breed, her breeding practices, Sphynx care and health, diet, husbandry, genetics, showing, and more. No one else I contacted was as patient, knowledgeable and open as she was. On top of this, add to the fact that she is so thorough when it comes to the health of her cats. I have 100% confidence in how their cats are treated and that they have been properly scanned and health tested. Which is why I travelled over 2,000 miles to get a Sphynx from her! I consider it an honor that Lyn would entrust me with the care of a cat she has bred. Finding out I was on her waiting list was one of the most exciting days of my life. When it was my turn to choose a kitten she provided me with timely updates, pictures, and videos. When my husband and I finally got to California, she allowed us to come visit herself and her cats so we could get to know our kitten a little before the long journey home the next day. Her house was clean and the cats were all beautiful, healthy and happy. They were also happy to have guests and swarmed us, showering us with naked kitty affection. I had only ever petted a Sphynx once before, so it was quite a treat to meet her amazing cats. I had some concerns about how our new cat would handle the 14 hour trip home, counting drive time, flying and layovers. My fears turned out to be completely unfounded. Mile is an amazingly brave and outgoing cat and I credit Lyn and Waltman with helping to form and nurture his personality. He is extremely well socialized and fit right in to our full house of 5 furry cats, german shepherd, and young child. It hasnt even been a month since we brought him home and we already couldn't imagine life without him. I know should I ever have questions or concerns, Lyn will always be there for answers and support. Thank you for everything you do Lyn!

Ashley and Mile

Lyn is an excellent breeder! I bought my first Sphynx, Grandpa, from another breeder in the Winters, California area. When I decided I wanted another Sphynx, I decided to look for a different breeder and I found Lyn. Unlike the previous breeder I dealt with, Lyn immediately responded to my inquiry about available kittens, answered all my questions openly and honestly, and regularly sent professional looking pictures of the kitten that I would be buying. I named my new kitten Yodie. Yodie and Grandpa are good friends.

Lyn and Waltman is extremely knowledgeable about the Sphynx breed, and it was apparent when I met her that she has a true love and passion for Sphynx. Lyn informed me that she feeds all her cats a raw diet and explained the benefits in doing so. After conducting my own research about raw diet, I knew feeding both Grandpa and Yodie a raw diet would be the healthiest option for them. I changed Grandpa's food from Science Diet kibble to raw. I buy all my raw food from Lyn, and she's always available and always able to provide me with the amount of food I ask for.
When I first brought Yodie home, it was like he had been a part of the family forever. I love my sweet Grandpa, but there were noticeable differences between bringing Grandpa home and bringing Yodie home. I attribute most of the differences with the breeder.
Yodie was not at all fazed when I first brought him home. Grandpa hid behind my washer and dryer for several hours.
Yodie snuggled against me and purred. Grandpa was frightened. Although Grandpa let me pet him, it was obvious he was very uncomfortable and fearful.
Yodie went potty in his litter box with no direction, whereas I had to correct Grandpa from soiling on the living room carpet.
Yodie fits in so well with my family and has since the day I brought him home. He is so loving and sweet. Yodie is like a dog in a cat's costume. Both Grandpa and Yodie are my best friends and I couldn't imagine my life without them. Grandpa is a very loving cat, but he does not cuddle and purr like Yodie does.
If I ever adopt another Sphynx, I will go to Lyn. Her professionalism, passion, and love for the breed is admirable, and her hard work and love of the breed is visible in the cats she breeds and sells. I'd highly recommend Lyn as the breeder to purchase your Sphynx from.
Debra Hampton

Debra and Yodie

I have known  Lyn for 2 years , she was highly recommended by another wonderful breeder . Lyn put me on her wait list. At that time I looked at it as a long wait for a perfect baby ,what I didn’t realize at that time was the wait for my baby would be much more then I could ever dream of, Lyn is a beautiful person inside and out, her dedication to her Sphynx babies is above and beyond anything I have seen . I have to say that the wait was a true blessing! I have learned so much from Lyn ,I wouldn’t change a thing. 
When the day came and Lyn had A baby for me she sent many photo’s and videos. I watched my baby Grow up . Lyn stayed in close contact with me so I knew all the little crazy things he was doing . My baby Lulu is a sweetheart, he has never met a stranger and has become best friends with my English Bulldog and has fit into our family so perfectly.
It is nothing short of a honor to have one of Lyn’s babies ! What a beautiful gift, not only Lulu but Lyn you are one in a million and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with this perfect little boy I could never thank you enough!
Shauna, Elizabeth and baby Lulu  

Shauna and Lulu

We recently acquired two Lyn Sphynx kittens and can say, without hesitation, that we could not have asked for a better experience.  Lyn is the most conscientious breeder, of any animal species, that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She provided a “wait list” contract and, when the time came, an adoption contract that spelled out what we could expect from her and what she expected from us as adopters.  Once we agreed upon our kittens, Lyn made sure that we could watch them grow by providing photo updates and video each week and communicating with us frequently about the their personalities and development.  When we picked up our kittens we were lucky enough to meet all of Lyn’s cats. They are clearly adored members of her family and she is fastidious in her care of them. We left there with our new kittens, a deep respect for Lyn and her commitment to her cats and to the Sphynx community in general, and the feeling that we have made a new Sphynx-loving friend for life. 


Lyn and Colin Burstall


Lyn and Colin

Our experience with Lyn Sphynx was everything that we could have hoped for.  We found out about the cattery through the Internet when I was searching for reputable sphynx breeders. Not only was the cattery in the same city as us, but I don't think we could have found a more knowledgeable, dedicated breeder.  Lyn's love for the breed resonated with every word. There was no question asked by us that she did not have an answer for, not only that, but the answers were always at a scientific level that showed just how much research she has gone through to reduce the chance of genetic illnesses common with the sphynx breed. When we finally went to visit our kitten, we were greeted by several friendly, loving sphynx. All of the cats at her home are well-socialized and truly beautiful cats--everything you would want in a sphynx. Our kitten was a birthday gift to our daughter and when we brought him home, it was evident how much human contact he had been exposed to in his first weeks of life.  He starts purring immediately when seeing a human and loves to be held.  He cuddles with my daughter every night and perches on her shoulder during the day.  If you are in the market for a sphynx kitten, look no further; you could not find a more reputable, devoted breeder. 



Falson Gallu

"I fell in love with Mile from the moment I laid eyes on him and he continues to be a complete joy. He's so smart, continues to be healthy, and is very interactive. Even my friends who don't like cats or hairless cats fall in love with him when they visit."


Mile and Pants

Ann Sarala

"Thank you Lyn for you devotion and passion to the Sphynx breed so that some may have the privelege of having of these magnificent felines in our lives. Breeding is no easy task and it comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. Everyone who is looking to own a Sphynx should definitely get in touch with Lyn because her knowledge and work ethic are hard to find. This is James my little dark passenger, he is a wonderful, healthy boy "




"Shes a sweetheart seriously shes everything i could have ever asked for!  She likes coming for car rides and she likes being in my purse!  We are best friends haha always together.  She loves all dogs and cats and people!  I can do everything i want ! She lets me clean her ears, cut her claws, wash her! Shes perfection! Shes affectionate, hyper, smart, pretty and the way she sleeps and crosses her paws when she sleeps, So cute. She even sleeps on her back!"



Patra Jasmine

"I had a wonderful experience with Lyn.sphynx cattery. I had the chance to see Morticia and Karmina grow up every week with videos and pictures. Since the first day i fell in love with them. They were already social, not shy or scared at all. I can do the grooming easily because they were used to it  they re just perfect! They re like my little dogs, following me everywhere and always looking for affection. I suggest anyone who wants a sphynx to buy it from Lyn for her knowledge and devotion. You can see she's passionate and do all her best for the kitten. Thank you so much!♡ Im totally in love!"


Karmina and Morticia


"I could not be more pleased about my experience with Lyn from Lyn . Sphynx. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and enthusiastically answered all of the questions I had regarding my 2 boys. I received many photos and videos of my kittens prior to meeting them for the first time. She provided me with a well-organized binder of their records, photos on a USB and a special new kitten package for each one. Both boys are very well socialized, even vacuuming does not send them running for cover! It is obvious they are used to being handled and pre-spoiled! Thank you, Lyn! We love our boys, Bosy and Lupa!"


Bosy and Lupa

Galen Richell


"We got Rory after several years of waiting for the right time, place, and breeder. Both he, and our experience with Lyn, were worth the seven year wait! Rory is the perfect example of everything a Sphynx should be. Not only is he structurally sound, but he's the perfect blend of sugar and spice. He's bold, unafraid, incredibly affectionate. I take him everywhere with me. He's very well mannered in the car, on his harness, and in new situations. We plan for Rory to become registered as an assisted therapy animal so that we can become a Pet Partner team. I have no doubt that Lyn raised the perfect cat for the role! Lyn was very attentive, answered all of our (very many) questions, and sent us plenty of pictures and videos from day one of Rory's life until we brought him home. Our experience was so positive that we are looking to add a second Sphynx from Lyn next year." 



Janee and Forrest

``I’ve wanted a Sphynx since I first saw a picture of them as a child. I was always very hesitant about going to a breeder since there are so many negative connotations surrounding breeding. So after much searching I found Scantly . Sphynx and realized that what I once attributed to all breeders was definitely ignorance on my behalf. Lyn cares so much for her cats. She goes above and beyond when it comes to the quality of the kitten’s lives. And it definitely shows in Gaia’s personality. She is the most acquiescent, trusting, and loving kitten I’ve ever seen.``




Hope you are having a great week! I just wanted to write to you and say THANK YOU very much for my baby Dior. I first came accross your website in January 2014 and contacted you then. You answered every question I had regarding the Sphynx breed and kept me well informed as to when you will have kittens available. It was very well worth the wait :) You are extreamly knowledgeable about the breed and always available to answer any questions I might have. Once the kittens were born you posted lots of pictures and videos and always keeping me informed on how Dior is doing.


July 27th finally arrived and it was time to pick up Dior; and it was lovely meeting you and all your "children". Dior loved his gift bag with all of his favorite toys, blanket and food! Thank you so much for putting a binder together with everything I needed to know and also thank you for the USB drive with all his baby pictures! 


Dior has adjusted very well in his new home. Our morning routine starts with brusing of the teeth; or should I say biting the toothbrush and eating the chicken flavored tooth paste off the brush! Then he lets me clean his ears and after all that he is ready for breakfast! He has quite an appetite and he knows that if I open the fridge, that means FOOD is coming! After breakfast it is playtime! He carries his catnip toy everywhere around with him and then he chases the red laser light all around the living room :) By 9am I leave for work and then Dior goes back to bed and cuddles with "daddy". By the time I get home from work, Dior is usually in his favorite "palace" aka his Kitty Condo. He is always super excited to see "Mommy", because he knows that means dinner time!! After dinner we watch TV on the couch while Dior snuggle's up in my neck. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to sleep in bed under the blankets, or if he gets too warm he will crawl out and sleep right next to my head.


I love my baby, Dior, so much and it is so comforting to know that I can always call you if I have any questions!


Thank you very much,




Chanel and Dior


"I was fortunate to find Lyn via internet. We visited her beautiful home and met our kitten. Lyn was keeping us updated with photos and videos until it was time to pick him up. Our kitten grew up to be a strong and beautiful cat; friendly and a great companion."



Julia and Ted

Lyn is always there to answer any questions or concerns I may have, even when they are not in regards to the sphynx I adopted from her.  She is always available to support and help me, and does everything she can to produce healthy, quality, sociable kittens.  



After living with HCM and losing a cat, we was scared to get another Sphynx cat. And after having a bad breeder experience in the past, we were stressed about working with another breeder, it can be scary knowing who to trust. Shannon searched for San Francisco Bay Area local Sphynx breeders for months and asked lots of questions before we decided to reach out to Lyn. She clearly devoted to the breed, has a strong passion for Sphynx cats and is concerned with the betterment of the breed. She has gone above and beyond, she is attentive, answers questions, and stays in touch. We received many photos, videos and cute anecdotal information about our kitten and his personality as we waited to adopt him. And when it was time to pick him up to come home, we were provided with a binder full of his details and a USB drive with photos of him as a baby up until the day of pick up. Neon is a wonderful cat, he is easy going and loves to sleep and eat, very healthy and came to us very well socialized. Each day that goes by, we realize what a life changing difference having Neon in our lives has been and we love him more and more. We have no regrets in joining Lyn . Sphynx Cattery into our family.



Shannon, Jared, Carbon and Neon

After weeks of scouring the internet, I found Lyn . Sphynx and I just knew I needed one of her kittens. Her sense of responsibility to making the breed better and safe breeding practices is simply unmatched. If doens't hurt that her kittens are beautiful and playful too! I was put on the waiting list and patiently awaited the email saying my kitten was born! I was so excited when the day came for me to choose my pick of the litter. I asked for a cute-and-cuddly, sassy and playful kitten and Lyn absolutely delivered. Khaleesi (named after the famed GoT queen!) is everything you would want in a pet and more. She greets me everyday when I come home from work and insists on sleeping as close to me as possible every night. She loves participating in lazy Sundays and is as talkative as they come. I (and everyone she meets) absolutely love my Sphynx.


Just wanted to update you on Lulu!
He is doing so well, amazing actually. He does great on planes with me, loves walks outside on his leash, and loves showers and snuggling. He still talks and purrs non stop, and I'm convinced he is actually a dog because he acts just like a puppy. 

He also loves this little space heater I got him, and gets grumpy at me when I turn it down or off if I am worried it is too hot on him.

He is incredibly well behaved all the time. I havnt had issues with him scratching anything, or going to the bathroom anywhere except his litter box. The only issue has been him begging for food when I am eating, and trying to steal my food. But he is starting to learn the word no, and is getting good at not bugging me about my food when I tell him no. He also is started to fetch if I throw toys and tell him to fetch, and will give me a kiss if I pucker my lips and ask for one. I did not know you could train cats like dogs and it is amazing! He is an absolute sweetheart.

Just wanted to send you an email thanking you again for everything you have done, and for intruding him to my life. He is everything I could have dreamed of and more, and has completely  changed my life.

Thank you again!

-Kylie Cooney and Lulu


Falcao my sphynx princess unexpectedly left taking my soul and heart with her

I am a veterinarian technician, we see several kinds of little ones, too often greedy breeders come along. Falcao came to me as she was bred but unattended as was her infected little right eye. The breeder bartered her to me for surgery, Falcao lost the injured eye but she came home with me.  

She was always fun, active, loved me above all. I loved that we snuggled for she was always cold, my house dressed in blanket for her to find and rest while I was away. One evening three years later, her equilibrium seemed off, she fell off her cat tree earlier in the day. This evening she was unusually tired, suddenly was short of breath but my sister a doctor treated her managing to help her for a several hours, Falcao begun panting, her bluish tongue urged me to call work. My daughter and I drove there in a matter of minutes she had left me. Stunned, not accepting reality I was lost in despair, we research why, how, what went wrong. I blamed myself for I of all people should have known, with research we learned of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy that this sphynx breed is known for, also that her body was cold and her legs stopped functioning because of embolism. 

Feeling despair and loss, kept informing myself of this stealth disease. This time I found the most information at this website, immediately felt my search had ended. I found Lyn, her sphynx are her babies for she finds them the perfect home. She makes sure  All homes are vetted, and filled with lots of love. The health and wellbeing of the babies are her priority.

My search for other breeders circled me back to Lyn for she seemed a good human, caring for her babies, selective in her breeding. All her adult cats get a bi yearly echocardiogram.

  Fortunately, my sister had job interviews near Lyn so we made the extra trip to see her kittens and parents. It was a most exciting time.  From the moment I saw her kittens I just knew I had to adopt one of her babies

Tally Hope, Pequis as my sister calls her, came home to me, so beautiful, so perfect. Clearly to me, my Falcao was not healthy from the start. Tally unconditionally loves me, we have a routine she is so beautiful hairless. She could not be more beautiful.  warm, all the blankets have to circulate air or she brings a foot out. I felt compelled to get a sister for her, all my old fart kitties seemed not interested to play and so a year later my round eye, her zorro mask Simi or minis as we call her, came to my life from Lyn again.  

My family is complete my scarred heart raw but hopeful and it is often that I forget to hurt. My sphynx with all nails intact as an agreement with Lyn, early days fed with raw diet, child proof home, and a new sort of energy and happiness I did not think ever would regain. Tali passed her first echocardiogram with perfect results.

These little ones today, are running around chasing each other all over the house filling the air with sounds of happiness that fill my heart. 

  Thank you Lyn  for breeding such perfect little babies.

                                                                          Tali Hope & Simi              

                                                                           Liz Rodriguez

Liz, Tali and Simi

The first time I saw a sphynx was in the pages of a LIFE Magazine around 1980. Since then this beautiful breed has captured my imagination and my heart. Around 2014 I began my dream search for a sphynx cat and found Lyn . Sphynx. I found Lyn's website very informative, educational and devoted to the well being of sphynx breed.. After filling out the questionnaire and forms from Lyn's website, I was going to have my dream of bringing home a sphynx cat soon. As soon as my kitten was born, Lyn kept me informed with wonderful pictures from Facebook and videos on his progress. As soon as he was 3 months old, I was invited to see my little "Tatsu" (beautiful dragon in Japanese). Lyn really cares for her cats and kittens. They are healthy, have free roam of her house and wonderful to hold. At 4 months, I brought my adorable kitten home with a binder and a flash drive with all his baby pictures. Lyn is available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about your sphynx cat. She is either a phone call or text message away. Lyn . Sphynx brings integrity and transparency to the breeder profession. If your are looking to bring a sphynx cat love into your home, I recommend Lyn . Sphynx.




She's the greatest, She is a little ball of energy and is just lovely.  




Dylan is doing very well and feels very much at home ( he is not afraid to go straight for my food if given a chance).

He is also quite heavy even if he looks lean ;-) He is a very cuddling and purring cat.


Salem is the greatest, most mischievous boy I could have ever hoped for.  Not only is he absolutely beautiful, but he has never been sick a day in his life.  I was able to visit him many times throughout his development, and I always got a photo or video the moment I asked for it (which was often to say the least hehe).  When I would visit, all of Lyn's cats were so happy, clean and healthy.  You can tell they are very well cared for and get t roam freely in the house like pets should.  I was given a tour throughout her entire home many times, it was always very clean and lovely, with lots of cat toys and cat trees all over :)  Anytime I have ever had a question about the breed, she has always been right there to answer anything for me.  She has continuously updated me on the health of my kitties parents and siblings and is very honest and transparent in her breeding program.  She is the only sphynx breeder I would ever recommend and is definitely a shining example of ethics.


Our experience with our purchase of Pancha from Lyn. Sphinx Cattery was phenomenal!!! 
We started out on a sphynx search and ended up allowing our emotions to open us up to be scammed ��. 
Then we met Lyn and she helped us put a plan in place to get the perfect kitten ever!! It was a long process but well worth the wait.  We visit her cattery and knew it was a fit.
If you are looking for well loved and adjusted kittens look no further than this cattery!!! 
Thanks so much Lyn!!!!

Cynthia and Burris

Our experience with Lyn was awesome..She is so knowledgeable and devoted to these precious babies...We received constant updates throughout the process.. Emails, pictures,videos...And when it was time to bring Daphne home..It was such a special day..Daphne is the light of our lives..She is loving and playful and just the most perfect, beautiful princess....Thank you Lyn!!



Diane and Graig

After losing my first Sphynx at the tender age of six months to a preventable illness that wasn't disclosed to me prior to purchase, from a relatively new and inexperienced breeder, I knew my next baby would have to come from someone with plenty of experience and exceptional morals. I found both in Lyn Burris, who has raised the bar for breeding standards after experiencing her own heartache. I've learned that simply screening for HCM, while an absolute must in this breed, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ensuring a healthy kitten that will live a long, happy life. Lyn is relentless when it comes to testing her cats every few months for a wide array of communicable diseases so she knows full well what might be lurking in her cattery and she can take the necessary steps should something come up. This is essential. The LAST thing you want after spending a small fortune on a cat you instantly bond souls with is to find out this cat is sick with something that quite possibly could be transferred to the pets already in your home. The second to last thing you want is to have suspicion and blame placed on you when this happens, suggesting your previously healthy established pets are who infected this newcomer. With Lyn, you have months worth of clean bills of health, verifiable via PCR testing and other veterinary records which show the kitten came from a healthy home, and years upon years of favorable HCM scans which alleviate the fear that your kitten may develop this condition. Lyn's ethics are top notch, she's highly revered amongst her peers, and kindly shares her wealth of knowledge with anyone willing to listen. I love her like family, and look forward to getting another kitten from her, because one Lyn . kitten isn't enough for anyone!


Thanks for everything!!! ?

We are so lucky to have found Lyn . and Lyn! We were set to find a Sphynx who was well socialized, had good genes, and was spoiled from day 1 as they deserve to be! We found all of that with Lyn's kitties. She is dedicated to their health, is very aware and is an advocate for HCM, and responds promptly when any questions or concerns arise. The pictures and videos you get to see while you're waiting for your little one are so cute and capturing! Just keep in touch through Facebook and it's like you didn't miss out on anything ??
We were initially nervous to bring home a little brother to our then only-child Sphynx; we expected the transition and introduction to be very tough but it was even more smooth and adorable than I could have imagined! Our new Lyn . kitty fit right in with his big brother and they've been so tight ever since ? Lyn is even kind enough to send you home with goodies, microchip, and a binder full of good information to keep. At this point, I wouldn't think of getting a Sphynx from anywhere other than Lyn ..
Thank you for our little man, Lyn, he has completed our family!

lilian & Roy

We've had Sphynx cats for almost 15 years, and in that time met and worked with a handful of different breeders. While all were competent and cared about their cats, none even comes close to Lyn for sheer physical, intellectual, and emotional investment in her animals.  These cats are her life, and she is by far the most educated, careful, honest, and ethical breeder I've ever met.  Despite us having had our cats for more than 2 years, she is still constantly available with advice and suggestions if we need them.  She was direct and absolutely transparent every step of the adoption process, and she let us come to the house and meet all of the resident cats and dogs.  Everything is spotless and all the critters are healthy, playful, and content.
Kim and Hudson
(I also admire Lyn's commitment to stopping HCM, which has devastatingly taken two of our previous Sphynx in years past.)

Our cats, two of whom we adopted from Lyn, are the mischievous lights of our lives. They have wonderful (although completely distinct) personalities, and they make every day an adventure.  They are indefatigable cuddlers and always want to be where we are, doing what we're doing.  One of them has even decided that he loves baths, and now I have to shut the bathroom door in order to take a bath without a delighted Sphynx beating me into the tub.  I cannot overstate what a joy it is to share our lives with these guys.
I would recommend Lyn . to any potential Sphynx owner.


Dylan is a member of our family first and a cat second. Having no experience with these animals, Lyn made it very easy for us to learn how to take care of him. Once we had picked out a name, she began calling him by name to familiarize him with his name before he was old enough to come home to us. She is a very caring breeder with a loving and healthy environment for her animals. We've kept in touch and I keep her updated on how Dylan is and how much he is loved and loving life. Eventually I will be acquiring another one of these wonderful creatures from her. 


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