Do you provide shipping for kittens?

Yes, we provide shipping as following:
1) Car - $180 (up to 50-miles)
2) Plane - $250 to $300 (plus $50 fee for a cage) *

* Shipping by plane is available only for USA and must be paid by receiver on arrival. Kitten must be 4 months of age in order to be shipped.

Do you sell breeding rights?

No! All kittens are sold as pets only.

Why did you decide to breed Sphynx?

I have always been enthralled by this incredible breed, and my first two pet sphynx changed my world.  Both were diagnosed with HCM, and unfortunately succombed to the disease. They are my motivation and the cause of my passion for this breed and it's genetic health, every breeding decision I make is in their honor.  I am all too familiar with the pain of losing one of these exceptional companions and strive to reduce the prevalence of HCM in this breed.  I cannot describe how overwhelmingly beautiful it is to be able to provide families with unconditional love from one of my kittens.  It is extremely rewarding to me. 

Will my kitten come with a health guarantee?

Yes.  I offer a 1 year health gaurantee against congenital defects.  Please refer to my Adoption Contract for a more complete explanation of my guarantee policy.  I also offer a lifetime genetic HCM guarantee provided the kitten is scanned every year by a board certified cardiologist and the scan is shared with me within 72 hours.

What comes with the purchase of my kitten?

All kittens will come with the following:

-Blanket with mother's scent for an easier transition

-Several favorite toys

-2.5 lbs of the kitten's Raw food diet, which they have been eating since 21 days of age

-Kitten will have recieved all appropriate vaccinations

-Clear fecal and uri pcr tested

-Registration (paid by me)

-Kitten will be spayed/neutered and microchipped with pre-op blood work and glucose testing

-Kitten will have seen a Veterinarian atleast 5 times for checkups

-3 year genetic and FIP health guarantee

-Liifetime HCM guarantee on the condition the kitten is scanned yearly and results shared with me

-My commitment to sharing all pertinent HCM scans from related cats throughout the life of your kitten

-Lifelong help and support, I am available to you for any help, any questions, any advice and concerns at any time.  Don't be shy! 

Do you spay/neuter kittens before they leave?

Yes, all kittens of Sphynx Cattery are spayed or neutered prior to leaving.  The operation is included in the adoption fee.  This way, I have the ease of mind that the surgery is being performed by my trusted Vet, with the aftercare handled by myself, and the Buyer avoids the stress of any complications that may arise.  Early spay/neuter is proven to aid in the recovery process.  Please visit my Links page for an article discussing the pros and cons of early spay/neuter.

Do you have a waiting list and do you accept deposits?

I do have a waiting list for my litters and I accept a $500 non refundable deposit to hold a kitten, once I have decided who will be staying here at Lyn Cattery.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for an upcoming litter, feel free to email me.

What kind of support can I expect from you after I purchase a kitten?

Anyone who buys a kitten from me can be sure I will always be an email or a phone call away for any help or questions, or just to share a laugh about the funny antics of the Sphynx cat!  I stand by all my kittens and consider all future homes an extension of my family.  I do expect regular updates and photos in return! ;)

What is HCM and why is scanning for it important?

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a form of heart muscle disease where the muscular walls of the ventricles become abnormally thickened.  The disease is showing itself to be genetic, and there lies the importance of annual scanning of breeding cats.  Although it is possible a cat can develop HCM later on in life even if it has been previously scanning negative, it is still the best tool we have to try to eliminate this disease in Sphynx.  HCM can sometimes progress very slowly and initial symptoms can be subtle and at times nonexistant.  HCM can affect any cat and any breed (as well as domestics) and Lyn Sphynx Cattery advices all potential buyers to educate themselves on HCM and routinely scan their cats every year and share that information with the HCM databases.  For more information please do not hesitate to email me any questions you may have.

Do you routinely scan for HCM?

Yes I do.  I scan every 6 months with a board certified Cardiologist, and can email or fax said scans on request.  Please do not be shy to ask for these scans as proof from any breeder.   It is very important to buy a kitten from a reputable Breeder that is actively trying to improve the Sphynx health by routinely scanning prior to any breeding plans, and who alters ANY breeding Sphynx if they exhibit any heart anomalies which may be indicative of future HCM diagnosis.

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