The Sphynx cats are delightful and lovable breed of hairless feline. Sphynx Cattery is an excellent resource for anyone interested in bringing one of these unique and adorable animals into their life and home.

At Sphynx Cattery all our cats are imported and carry excellent bloodlines from USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Russia. We always test for HCM prior to breeding and yearly FIV/FELV/HCM/FCV.

Our goal is to continue working with Sphynx breeders to help maintain and improve the breed, and to educate others about this incredible breed of cat. We breed for quality, never quantity and the health, happiness, and maintaining the integrity of the breed is paramount to us. 

All our cats and kittens are part of our very much loved family and are treated as such. None of our cats are caged, and are allowed to run freely within our home. Our cats sleep in our beds and are brought up from birth to be afraid of nothing, including our dogs.

Sphynx Cattery
Lyn & Weltman of Sphynx Homeland

Every single cat and kitten is a part of our family. Before kittens are leaving our home for your’s they are completely socialized and ready to make the transition. We are very proud of all of the cats at our Cattery.

We do have a limited number of Sphynx kittens sometimes available but there is generally a waiting list. Like all good things in life sometimes it is better to wait. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have about either the Sphynx or our Kohana's or both. I will always be on the end of a phone or in person to help you and never get tired of talking about these incredible breeds.

I am deeply indebted to Narry Reid and Hary Owen the breeders of my beautiful stud cat, without who's trust and help none of this would have been possible I will be forever grateful to them for having faith in me. To Michelle Vallandigham for my two beautiful boys she has been my guide and rock and an absolute marvel, though we are miles apart we are never far away in heart from each other, and I miss each and every day that I am not with her. Words will never express how grateful we are to Annie Cole, our sphynx are the apple of our eye and we are so privileged to have them with us. To Sheila for all your wonderful work on this site and for everything else in-between, you are a great friend. Not forgetting all my friends within the Cat fancy you all know who you are THANK YOU! I will never forget the things you have done for me.

But my BIGGEST thank-you goes to my cats, they are just incredible. They are an absolute dream to own and show, but above all they are members of my family and I love them very, very much.